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What is GradesFirst?

Gym Jordan Black anthracite white 002 Retro BG 11 378038 Air Red GradesFirst facilitates better, stronger collaborations and give you the data to measure those collaborations towards student success. It’s an all-inclusive student support platform that provides you with the tools to identify, intervene, and engage with students to lead them on a successful path, while giving you the ability to measure and assess those relationships to ensure that the intervention in successful.

What can GradesFirst do for you?

  • Enhance Early Alert System to identify at-risk students early in the semester
  • Provides streamline communication with students, faculty, and staff via text and/or email
  • Straightforward Advising Summary Reports
  • Tracking of specific groups (freshman, honor students, athletes, etc.)
  • Attendance tracking for specific activities (class, events, workshops, visits, ect.)

GradesFirst seeks to promote academic success for students by:
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  • Providing students timely support and direction to appropriate campus resources
  • Encouraging students to utilize campus resources and to also communicate with professors, advisors, and the department heads regarding concerns
  • Making the college transition process more enjoyable by providing more opportunity for academic success and providing more university wide engagement with the student

Top 3 features advisors like most about GradesFirst:

  1. Ability to submit and manage advising reports and notes
  2. Ability to schedule appointments with their students and providing email and text reminders of upcoming appointments
  3. Ability for new advisors to see notes and reports of past advisors

Gym Jordan Retro 11 Air Black BG anthracite Red 378038 white 002 Faculty’s Role

Faculty can easily identify which students need additional help and notify both students and advisors, who can then assist students with additional support, tutoring, or referrals. Since many faculty advise, you might have two roles on GradesFirst: Professor and Advisor.

Secretary/Clerical Staff’s Role

Administrative Staff can run reports to track advising efforts, log office traffic, and manage student worker payroll. GradesFirst also provides the analytical tools to help departments measure the return on investment of their student support activities.

Student’s Role

Students are able to request tutoring, create an appointment with their advisor (if permitted by the department), correspond with their professor, and maintain a calendar.

Have additional questions or need technical support with GradesFirst? Please contact:
Kimberly Hudgins, Retention Specialist & GradesFirst Administrator
11 Gym Red Air Black white anthracite Retro 378038 002 Jordan BG
Call: 256.782.8302 or Email: or Visit: TMB, room 312